Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Emily and Kiel invited us to drive down to L.A. with them to stay at his parent's house for the weekend. Normally I'm not a huge fan of driving long distances, but we figured we might as well seize the opportunity :) The drive didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. Thanks for driving, Kiel!

All of us at Tito's Taco -- some of the best taco's I've ever tasted. Thanks to Jon Yager for the picture!

We made a stop at the Getty Museum, which has amazing views of the whole Los Angeles area, and some of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen. Definitely a place I'd go back to!

Nick and I at Tito's

Other than driving around Bel Air, Hollywood, and Malibu, we spent a lot of time at their backyard pool (which has awesome lighting at night, as you can see), and making s'mores at the fire pit. And the best part is that the weather was always at a perfect 72 degrees! And also, my other favorite part was the Yager's dog, Tigger and his batman ears. I go through dog withdrawals when I don't have one at home with me! 

On our way back from California, we got to stop in Vegas to go to dinner with Aaron who is living there to do an internship for the summer. It was so good to see him, and he's definitely about 10x as tan as I am! 
Thanks again, Emily and Kiel, for the great weekend!

The Start of Summer.... Sort Of

Wow. It's been awhile. And although summer should have officially started, Nick and I are still in school for about another two weeks -- I figure it can't be that bad when it's even still snowing outside :)

The family was in town to help Aaron move out of his apartment after graduation, so of course we had to document it with a family pic. 

One of the many reasons that I love my dad -- he loves "variety" (as he always says). haha. So as you can see, he has two cups full of tiny sample cups of frozen yogurt, and one cup full of a few spoonful of toppings. Let's just say we had a good laugh about it :)

We headed to Durango to see Nick's family for Mother's Day weekend -- a few pictures from our walk down on the ranch....

The first and probably the last time I'll ever see Nick on a tractor. At first I thought he'd be a little out of his element, but I could tell he secretly liked playing with the big boy toy. haha. He was a good sport to help out for the day. 

We decided to get out and enjoy the first real weekend of summer weather, so we went to the driving range with Kiel and Emily. I learned two things: Nick has a really good golf swing and I really don't. I'm going to have to brush up on my golf skills! 

The boys and their clubs ....

This one's for Emily :)

Hopefully the weather will continue to stay warm and not bring anymore snow!!