Saturday, August 15, 2009

More family comes to visit!

On the way to southern Florida, Nick's Mom, sister Jessica and her husband Tyler stopped in Orlando to hang out with us over the weekend. We hadn't all been together since Christmas! We decided to hit the theme parks, and all voted on Universal's Islands of Adventure because of their awesome roller coasters, and the fact that it was new for all of them!

Sweet 3D glasses for the Spiderman ride- which is one of my favorites

The Grinch store in Dr. Suess Land. I think Nick's trying to look like the Grinch, but I could be wrong.....
Hot and sweaty with tired feet- can't be at a Florida theme park without it!

Jurassic Park

The next weekend, Nick and I headed down to Naples to see his sibling's new home-front. We had a great Sunday together going to church, eating Becki's traditional "Sunday dinner" and going to the beach.

A Naples sunset complete with lighting, rain clouds, and DOLPHINS! Couldn't be better.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Perks of the Job

I don't know anyone that works harder than my husband... and thanks to him, these lovelies are headed to my doorstep!
One bonus of working in the summer sales business is that they usually have some pretty cool prizes and incentives. I could probably compile a list of all of the things that Nick has won over the past couple years.
Anyway, Nick won a gift card for NikeId to design your own running shoes. Even though I protested, he told me that I was the only one who could use it since I needed new running shoes more than he did. What girl can pass up new shoes?
I love him:)

But luckily for him, he also won a new Apple TV- and although it's not technically a TV, we're still pretty excited about it. Now we just need a real TV to use it with!

My cute mini Nike shoe box that the gift card came in. I love mini things.
I might just keep it forever.