Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Autumn is probably one of my most favorite times of year! I've been trying to enjoy every last minute of it before the first "real' snowfall hits Provo.
We've had a pretty busy last month or so, but here are some of the things that we've been up to...

The end-of-the-year Platinum party was mid-October in Salt Lake at the Gateway. We had a great time seeing our friends from Orlando for the first time since we left!
My friends happened to be in Salt Lake from Logan that night as well, and it was so fun to be with them-- they never cease to entertain me!

Nick and his friends, Travis and Dan, decided to go all-out for the BYU homecoming game. ( I told Nick that this is what he's going to look like when he's 60). But despite their Cougar spirit, our team ended up getting killed by TCU. But we all still had a good time :)

Possibly the funniest, and most random, story of the month. We had to take Nick to the ER! He got a really sudden infection in his toe -- which swelled up to probably two to three times its size. It looked pretty scary so we decided to go get it checked out. It turned out the be Cellulitis, but the doctors immediately put him on IVs and gave him x-rays. We were really glad that we didn't wait to go to the hospital!
I'll spare you the up-close picture of the toe, but believe me, it was huge!

When Nick's family heard the news, they decided to come see us for the weekend -- along with their three doggies. It was so fun to have them here, and Nick definitely loved having his dogs in the house!

And last, but not least, some of my favorite Fall pictures! Provo is so beautiful this time of year.
This is the view from the stairs up to our apartment.

Nick and I drove the alpine loop through Sundance. It was the first that either of us had been up there, and it was absolutely breathtaking! It was a great Saturday drive.