Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Someone's Leaving on a Mission...

Well, the time has come to send my baby brother off into the real world. We couldn't be more excited for him! He'll be serving a mission for our church in Busan, South Korea for the next two years. We'll sure miss having him around for a couple years, but we know that the people he meets in Korea will love him just as much as we do. :)
All of my siblings are best friends, but Scott and I have always had a special bond as the "little kids" of the family. For several years during my time in high school, we were the only kids at home so we got to become awesome travel buddies. 
We've spent lots of good times together on the plane, in the car, and a handful of different places across the world. It's been so fun watching him grow up (literally--he's 6'3 now) through middle school, high school, college, and now leaving on a mission. We can't wait to see how these next two years will help him grow up even more. 

We were able to have a great get together with lots of family and friends last week at my parent's house. It was fun to see so many people who have been a part of Scott's and our family's life throughout the years, and we're so grateful for them! We had lots of help in the kitchen and the day turned out so wonderful. 
 We love Scott for his big heart and his sense of humor that always keeps us laughing. Our family gatherings will be pretty dull without him over the next couple years! Scott is the life of the party in our family, and we'll certainly miss that. But I'm pretty sure Kona will miss him the most. ;)
We're so excited for everything that awaits this guy overseas. Here's to a great two years!