Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Rest of Spring, Summer, and Random Instagrams

This is a long and very overdue post! Here's a random mix of what's been going on around the Potter household lately:

We made it out to the Qquirrh Mountain Temple for the first time and were totally amazed by the view!  I don't remember the last time I saw the mountains from the opposite side of the valley. 

Nick's brother and his wife live in Logan now, so it's fun to get to see them as well as my family when we drive up to visit. Nick's three nephews were there for Easter as well and it was fun to get to see them, too. They had grown up a lot since we saw them last summer! 

I experimented with making my first Pavlova. I found this recipe for Pavlova with strawberries and passion fruit via Martha Stewart. I have to say it was a huge success, and Pavlova now ranks on my list of favorite desserts. 

One of our favorite things about summer is using our little grill on our balcony. S'mores have become somewhat of a Sunday tradition around here. 

I love that I work just a block away from this little gem. It's so nice getting to eat my lunch here every day! 

 Summertime also means the start of Bachelorette night! Yes, it's slightly embarrassing to admit that I watch this show because it's pretty ridiculous. However, it's so much more entertaining when a whole group of girls get together to watch it. This season we even started a bracket competition. Ha. Combined with treats and nail painting, it's definitely a highlight of our week! 

Nick's been working on his golf game lately, and was able to go with both his brother, Casey, and my dad and little brother over Memorial Day weekend. 

While the boys were out golfing, I got to soak up my time with this little cutie. I'm slightly obsessed with dogs. 

 One of my favorite times of year - Cache Valley is stunning in the spring time! 

Though I know nothing about baseball, it was fun to have an extended lunch break at the Bee's game. One of the perks about working in a predominately "guy" office is that occasionally you get to tag along for "guy" activities. I'm not complaining! :)

We had a fun friend date at Slab pizza (delicious by the way) and The Awful Waffle (likewise delicious). Good friends. Good food. Loved it. 

I fell in love with the rose bushes at the Provo Temple. We must have come during a week when they were in full bloom. The best thing was they smelled exactly like my Grandma's rose bushes, which brought back a lot of childhood memories!

Sushi night with friends (ignore our wolf eyes - gotta love iPhone pics ;) )

This concoction was all Nick's idea - inspired by the Taco Bell commercials. I like to think ours were a bit healthier since they were homemade. 

 Nick and Aaron did Ragnar last weekend and I got to meet up with them in Morgan on my way up to Logan. It was the first time in the relay for both of them, and even though they were limping the rest of the weekend, they did really well! 

Nick's sister, husband, and two little dogs stopped by our place on their way through town. How can you resist this little guy!? Again, we're kind of obsessed with dogs :)

More updates to come!