Sunday, May 2, 2010


I had a few days between the end of finals and when spring classes started up again and since I found a great deal on a ticket to Milwaukee, I couldn't resist going to visit my sister and her cute family for a few days.
 I was so excited to finally meet my niece, Charlotte, who was born last October!

And of course, I couldn't wait to little Eliza who I hadn't seen since last June - she has grown up so much!

We made our first stop at the Milwaukee Zoo - which, surprisingly, is one of the best I've been to. They have every kind of animal you can think of! 

We loved being able to watch the tigers and all the other big cats up close! 

We also made a trip to the Harley Davidson museum in downtown Milwaukee. And despite not being a huge Harley fan, I really like the museum! A must see if you're ever in the area.
 They had motorcycles on display from all the way back in the early 1900's. 

This was the first Harley ever built - all the way back in 1903 - pretty amazing that it's even still intact! And the white lines on the floor show the size of the first shop where they built the bikes. 

Of course, Eliza was thrilled when she spotted the PINK motorcycle. 

And again when we found the pink Harley gear in the "kid's corner" - she even got to play on her own play motorcycle! haha.

Dan was able to take a day off from school to drive down to the outlet malls with us.. where we spent way too much on clothes!  But on the way we stopped at the Jelly Belly factory and got to sample lots of new flavors. 

However, I didn't dare get close to these. In case you can't see the picture.. some of the worst were moldy cheese, rotten egg, booger, canned dog food... you get the idea. 

But Aaron was determined to try every yucky flavor -- and he definitely did. Ew! 

Another favorite part about Milwaukee is that they have awesome malls with every store you could ever want... including H&M (my favorite)! Marissa and I had so much fun shopping together - which doesn't happen every often. And Eliza definitely had a good time entertaining herself by trying on all the pretty bracelets. haha. 

We were so happy that Aaron was able to fly out with me as well - even though Marissa and Dan have lived in Milwaukee for about two years, this is the first time he could come to visit! He had a great time playing uncle for the weekend (and yes, Charlotte smiles like this all the time - so cute! ).

I had such a fun week having no homework and being able to relax and be with my family.  It was so hard to leave especially since class started the next day, but I knew Nick was getting pretty lonely back in Provo :)
 Thanks Dan and Marissa for letting us stay with you all week - can't wait to see you again in August (or hopefully sooner)!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April, Finals, and Busy Weekends

My posting activity pretty much describes our free time in the past month. It always seems like the last three weeks before finals are the busiest of the whole semester! The good news: we survived. The bad news: we started school again this week! But we figure another 6 weeks of spring semester won't kill us... right? 
A little bit of what we've been up to....

One of my best friends, Jo, is getting married in a few months and I got to help Emily make some treats for her bridal shower. Chocolate covered strawberries are a favorite! 

Jo's getting married in the D.C. Temple, but they're also having a reception on Oahu, where her Fiance is from. I'm secretly hoping that I can use that as an excuse to get back to Hawaii soon :) We're so excited for you, Jo!

As I mentioned before, Nick has been busy with the Air Force ROTC all semester. Despite the early morning workouts twice a week and lots of work, he really loves it. I think it would kill me.
 We got to attend the end-of-semester "Dining Out"- which means we got to get all dressed up - and Nick had to buy me a corsage! 

I don't think I've worn one of these since high school, but it matched my dress perfectly! 

Let's just say I was introduced to a whole new world of military etiquette that I never even knew existed! But it's always fun to get dressed up for an event. 
And...a special thanks to our good friends Mike and Alisha. Mike's been our home teacher this year and has been helping Nick with the ins and outs of ROTC since the beginning! 

 Nick's favorite part of the month - he finally got the road bike he's been dreaming about for the past year. We can't wait for the Utah weather to stop brining snow so we can actually get out and bike together!