Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Beginning

After months of having an empty blog, I decided to finally post something! So here it is- the family vacation to Florida. After finishing finals, it was just the break that I needed!

We stopped in Kansas City to see Aaron and Nick for a couple days and did some church history touring in the process.

We met Aaron in the streets of Independence, Missouri to see him on-the-job. We let Scott knock doors with him for about an hour, and, even though they got a sale, Scott's not so sure he likes it.

The "Community of Christ" temple (as they now call it) in Independence. They say it was designed to resemble a sea shell.
Liberty Jail
Overlooking the valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Such an amazing place!
On top of Spring Hill at Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

Our resort in Orlando

Wakeboarding at OWC in Orlando. Who ever thought you could wakeboard without a boat?

Unfortunately, we don't really have pictures of all of the theme parks we went to. We decided to go "bag-free" so we could get on all of the rides without the hassle of having a bag. But that also means no camera. I think we definitely got our fill of theme parks for a while. We went to Epcot, Bush Gardens in Tampa and Universal's Islands of Adventure. The last time our family was in Orlando was eight year ago... and I think I've been on enough roller coasters to last me another eight years! We also made a trip to the beach and spent some time relaxing at our pool. But overall, it was a great vacation!


modell said...

I'm so excited to finally see a post on your cute blog! What a great family vacation, was it really 8 years ago that we went to Orlando? Keep the blog posts coming!