Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exploring Siena

This weekend we decided to see the side of Siena that we hadn't really been to yet. After living here for two months, I was amazed to see so many things that I never knew existed!
We started at the Medici Fortress, which makes up a big part of the city wall. The walls are probably about 30 ft high, but on top of the fortress is a really scenic park with great views of Siena.

The Courtyard of the fortress
The Campo tower on the far left, San Domenico, and the Duomo on the right.

Birthplace of St. Catherine- who is famous for convincing the Pope to come back to Rome from Avignon, France after the division of the catholic church.
Part of the cemetery in Siena. Italianscelebrate memorial day on November 1st, so the entire place was decorated with flowers.

These next pictures aren't from Siena, but we spent the day in San Gimignano on Friday. Since it's one of my favorite places in Tuscany, I thought I would post a couple pictures.


Ascanio said...

Erika, congratulations for your posts, but even more congratulations for how you are living and experiencing Siena and Italy. Seeing my city trough your eyes is exciting and charming. My family originates from Siena area but I am now living and working near Milano. My girlfriend is from Siena but works now in London. We both want to get back to Siena as soon as possible. :-) Have fun and be happy in Siena!

modell said...

From the looks of the comments, you are meeting fellow bloggers in Italy. Cool. I can't believe you are coming home so soon! I can't wait!