Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Sweet {new} Home

4 moves in 4 months- I think I'm getting it down to a science! But life is all about change, right? 
We've been here in Florida for about 3 weeks now and we really love it here! Everything with the move and shipping our car worked out like we hoped, and everyone in the office here is awesome. We've made some great friends! 
The weather is amazing, along with our pool and our complex. It really feels like I'm on vacation everyday- and I hope Nick feels that way too... at least for a few hours during the day when he's not knocking doors!

Our luxurious pool- where I spend a lot of my time. 
Something about palm trees just makes me happy. :)
Our front door. Maybe I'll post some pics of the inside later. But we have a guest bedroom.. and we love visitors!
View from the balcony of the gym
What I see when I walk to the pool...


Jake and Jenna said...

found your blog! love it, love all the pictures. we're so happy you guys are here in FL with us. just love the potters.

Reimstar said...

Well we are just soo glad you're here! Great pictures by the way~you are quite the photographer! :)

Meghan Elms said...

Hey I can't believe you have been almost all over the United States in just one summer. Lets not forget the short trip to London...
I am excited you two will be back in Provo, I hope that we will actually get together and not be too busy for each other!