Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding!

My best friend and next door neighbor, Jordan, got married on July 30th. It's was so much fun to be able to throw her bridal shower and be there at her wedding and dinner afterward! It was the first time that all five of us girls had really been together since graduation, and it was just like old times... except for we're a little more grown up now :) Hard to believe that Jordan and I have been friends and neighbors for 10 years!

All of us at the shower that we threw at my parent's house in Logan -- and the food table below. Thanks to Lindsey and Kyndra for making amazing cupcakes!

We also loved getting to spend time with Erin's new baby Quinncey, who is just so adorable.
We hit the sidewalk sale in downtown Logan after the shower, and got some treats at the old Bluebird restaurant. 

Waiting for the happy couple outside of the temple...

I should have taken more pictures of her dinner room, but everything was absolutely amazing.. especially the flowers (and the food)!

All five of us on the dance floor after the dinner

She had the most stunning dress that fit her style just perfectly. Definitely one-of-a-kind!

We couldn't be more happy for Jordan and Cole. We've known them both for a long time and think they are perfect for each other! 

Jordan's car that we decorated... and the sparklers we lit to send them off on their honeymoon! And as Jordan said during the reception (and as you can see in the picture)... July 30th was probably the hottest day of the summer in Logan!