Sunday, November 7, 2010


So we both had a pretty eventful Halloween "weekend" this year. It's fun to have events to actually dress up for! We found a great idea for a couple's costume online for Publisher's Clearninghouse, complete with our very own homemade giant check. Haha. For the people that actually knew what Prize Patrol was, they thought it was hilarious.  If you're every looking for a great costume idea, this website has some of the most clever I've ever seen!

If there's one thing you should know about OrangeSoda, the company where I work, it's that they are Halloween fanatics. Each department competes in a cubicle decoration contest, and the SEO Department theme this year was Mario World. We all spent lots of time decorating our department for the party on Friday, and I was so impressed at my co-worker's costumes!

Our Mario green tunnel....

Peach's Castle

The Marios

Lakitu - The Cloud Guy

It's even more hilarious when you see the actual resemblance...

We spent the entire day playing Mario video games and handing out candy to little kids. Tough day at work, I know. 

DK from Mario Kart

Group picture at the costume parade

If there's ever a time to visit OrangeSoda, it's definitely Halloween!