Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010

Even though we had so many exciting things happen during 2010, Christmas came faster than we expected! During a busy semester, I think time seems to go buy twice as fast. Nick's absolute favorite holiday is Christmas, so we tried to prolong the happiest season of the year as much as we could by getting our decorations up as early as possible. 

I don't think I've ever posted pictures of our apartment, so here you go!

Hobby Lobby was my hero for Christmas decorations this year. It took some work to make space for everything in our tiny apartment, but the nice thing about having a small space is that it doesn't take a lot of decorations to fill it up!

We spent Christmas in Colorado with Nick's family this year. It was my first Christmas with his family, so it was fun to take part in all of their traditions that I always hear about. 

These little girls love their uncle Nick. I think the Christmas holiday is always so much more exciting with little kids in the house. We had so much fun getting all of their presents ready to go under the tree after they went to bed on Christmas Eve - and watching them the next morning was priceless!

We spent the last part of our holiday break in Logan at my parent's house for New Years. I'll admit that I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures - I don't think I got one family photo the entire time we were there! haha. 
Our New Years Eve wasn't glamourous, but it was pretty relaxing and just what we needed. We had a movie night, lit some fireworks at midnight, and then topped it off with breakfast at 1:00am!

Our midnight breakfast wouldn't have been the same with out my dad's famous scrambled eggs. He uses the leftover honey baked ham from Christmas... a-mazing! 

We had a blast celebrating a "second" Christmas with my family. My dad spoiled us with lots of stylish loot from his overseas trips - I think he might be a better shopper than I am!
Kona was loving the pampering from Scott with the new head massager tool we got Aaron. I wish I would have taken a video - she couldn't get enough of it!

This dog never ceases to entertain us. My dad found some e doggie booties in China that he thought would help keep her feet warm in the snow, but she couldn't figure out how to walk in them. We got some great entertainment from watching her. Haha. 

One of my proudest accomplishments of my Christmas break was conquering the French Macaron. I've been obsessed with these little sweets ever since the first time I went to Paris. I've been seeing recipes all over the internet, but always hear about how difficult and labor intensive they are to make. But after one not-so-great trial run, this batch turned out beautifully!

And in case you're wondering.... they taste even better than they look! :)


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