Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fondue for Two

We've made a tradition to "eat in" on Valentines Day to spend a quiet night at home and not have to deal with the crazy crowds at restaurants. I have to say that this year definitely didn't disappoint. With my recent trip to The Melting Pot, I got inspired to copy some of their recipes and do the same thing at home so we could enjoy it together. It was a lot of preparation, but it definitely paid off in the end! We gave the night an extra flair by dressing up in our fancy clothes, pouring our Martinellis, and turning on Frank Sinatra in the background.

I prepped a full three-course dinner with a gouda cheese fondue appetizer, coq au vin broth fondue for the main course, and chocolate fondue for dessert. Thanks to the Google I found almost all the original recipes from The Melting Pot.

I think my favorite part has to be that for the entree course. I love that you don't have to worry about under or overcooking the meat. 

And the filet mignon was a huge hit with Nick...

Of course, the chocolate fondue is always a favorite no matter what. I think we might just have to make fondue night a Valentine's Day tradition from now on! 


Johanna said...

seriously this looks amazing.

Chelsea said...

Brilliant! You make me want fondue right now! I also really like the idea of staying in on Valentine's Day... might have to make that a tradition myself.

Olivia said...

Yum! I love The Melting Pot! So fun!

Daedree said...

I randomly saw this on your facebook page and like almost any blog I stumble upon read for pages. We stayed in for Valentine's Day as well (both worked and too exhausted to go out) so I got some take out. I love your idea, though! Will you post some of the recipes?