Sunday, March 11, 2012


December-March are definitely the most eventful in our household. In addition to the Holidays, these months also include both of our birthdays, valentines day, AND our anniversary (which is coming up in a couple weeks). February flew by, but we were able to squeeze in some fun things in the meantime. 
We said goodbye to the Driscolls and sent them off to their new life in California. We've loved having them in our ward the best few years and will miss them lots!
We had a get together with a few of our ward friends to celebrate/say goodbye. Thanks to the Husbergs, Peckhams,  and (both) Newsomes for coming and to the Cooks for hosting!

We celebrated Valentines Day with our second annual fondue night and it definitely didn't disappoint. We did the same copycat Melting Pot recipes and everything turned out delicious!

We loved just having a night in and not having to deal with crowds and long waits at restaurants. I think we'll probably keep doing our Valentines fondue night tradition for a long time! 

We set a New Years goal with our friends the Cooks to go to a different temple every month for our date night. Last month we went to the Jordan River temple which I had actually never been to before. My grandparents used to spent a lot of time there so it was fun to get to go! It was beautiful and so much bigger in person than I thought it would be!

My little brother, Scott, turned 19 on the 19th! My dad was out of the country on a trip and my mom wasn't feeling well, so we had him over for Sunday dinner at our place.
Even though he lives in Salt Lake for school, we still don't get to see him too often so it was fun to have him in Provo to visit!

We did homemade pizza for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert (we were still on our fondue kick from earlier that week). It was delicious as always!

Nick's birthday was on a weekday so we decided to celebrate the weekend before. We found out the the Utah Symphony was putting on a "Simply Sinatra" concert and knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate. Frank Sinatra is one of our all-time favorites and the concert was even more amazing than we thought it would be! 

Steve Lippia, the singer, sounded exactly like Frank and in addition to the symphony, they had a big band who tours all over the country. They played all of our favorites and we loved every minute of it.
Happy birthday to my love!


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looks like fun :)