Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Italy Trip

 When I did my study abroad in Italy in 2008, Nick and I were dating/almost engaged and there were so many places I went to that I couldn't wait to show him. We had been planning to travel back to Italy together since then and hoped to go as my graduation present. However, when that time came Nick was going to school non-stop and we never had a break long enough to do an Italy trip the way we wanted to! Luckily he had a two-week break from school this year over Thanksgiving, so four years and lots of planning later we finally made it to Italy! We have sooo many pictures between our camera and both of our iPhones so this trip will be divided into several posts.
It took us three days to catch a flight out of Phoenix flying standby and we made a last minute switch to fly into Milan instead of Rome. It was quite the adventure to get there, but totally worth the wait!  
We had some amazing views of the sun coming up over the Alps as we were making our descent into Milan
Because we were so close to the Swiss border, we decided to check another county off of Nick's list and spend the morning in Switzerland. We drove up to Lake Lugano and the scenery was amazing!
Lakeside walking trail in Lugano
We loved getting to see some fall colors since we didn't get our "traditional" Utah fall this year in Arizona
Stunning views everywhere you look

After we spent a couple hours in Lugano, we started the long drive to Siena where we were staying with my host family for the night. It was about a six hour drive from the Swiss border but we basically drove through all of Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna, so it was certainly a scenic drive! 


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