Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Quick Stop in Manhattan

When we decided that we wanted to go to Nice for our daddy-daughter trip, we also realized there was a chance we could spend a few hours in Manhattan during our connection. By a stroke of luck (which always seems to happen when you're flying standby), Marissa and I got the last two seats on the plane to JFK and my dad was a good sport and sat in the jump seat so we could all make it there together. Red eye flights are far from my favorite, but it was worth it to make the extra stop on our trip! 
Our flight got in right before sunrise and my dad was (once again) a good sport to haul all of our luggage to the pilot's lounge to store for the day while we were gone. Yes, that's three suitcases, one backpack, and two handbags! Haha. 

We took the train into the city and luckily because it was a Saturday we didn't have to deal with too many crowds! Our first stop was the High Line on the West Side - my dad had been there once briefly before and loved it so he wanted to show it to us. It was such a perfect fall morning and the weather was great for a walk!

I was so impressed with how well-done the entire space was. The views were fantastic and the vegetation was so pretty. I was drooling over all of the modern lofts they're renovating right beside it, too. I think this would be one of my favorite walks of the city if I lived there! 

 From there we took the subway down to One World Trade Center.The last time Marissa was in Manhattan was about two weeks before 9/11. The last time I had seen this place was back in 2009 when it was still mostly a giant hole in the ground. it was pretty incredible to see what it's become in the past few years.

Even though I didn't know anyone personally who was involved in that day, I still remember the emotions so vividly of that day and everything that happened. Seeing all of the names engraved at the memorial pool really hit home as you realize that each one was someone's son, daughter, mother, or father and that everyone had their own unique story.
It was a very touching, emotional place to say the least. I think it's a beautiful tribute to everyone who died that day. 
After spending some time at the grounds and the nearby church, we did a super fast walking tour of a lot of other major "hot spots" on our way back up toward central park. 

First stop: Wall Street

Next, Times Square

 Rockefeller Center

We made our way up 5th Avenue with obligatory stops at the American Girl store, Tiffany & Co., and the Apple store. Then we had just a few extra minutes to walk around Central Park.
All in all, we walked about 8 miles and by the end of the afternoon our feet were definitely feeling it! It was so fun to get a quick glimpse of the city again and it was a great way to kick off the trip!