Friday, May 1, 2009


Last year during the summer, Nick won a trip to London from Platinum, who he sold for last summer. The company paid for our flight and hotel for a seven day trip! It was Nick's first time to Europe and had so much fun. My parents flew out for the last few days that we were there to do some sight-seeing with us. It was a blast. I have to say thought, we realized that seven days in Europe is quite different from seven days in Hawaii. We were exhausted by the end of the week! But it was totally worth it. 

Of course, we couldn't go to London and not visit the famous Kings Cross Station from Harry Potter... and platform 9 3/4.

H.M.S. Belfast- a British battleship from WWII that they keep in the Thames as a museum.
The Tower of London- We got to see the crown jewels, including the biggest diamond in the world-538 carats!! We also got to see all of Henry VIII battle armor. Pretty cool. 

Church on Sunday
Natural History Museum

We spent LOTS of time on the "tube"

A personal the V&A museum
Harrods. Some of my favorite items: an antique billiards table for around 1 million British Pound.... a fendi fur bed through for 3,00o pounds... perfume for 2,000 (if that gives you an idea). haha. 
Windsor Castle- where the Queen spends her holidays and weekends. The oldest lived-in castle in Europe

Lion King with mom and dad and the Lycium Theater.

Warwick Castle

Shakespeare's House

Oxford University- they filmed part of Harry Potter in the cathedral there
Our tour bus
And last of all, our hotel. We stayed at the Bailey's Millenium Hotel in Kensington- a beautiful part of town, a short walk from Hyde Park and just across the street from a tube station. We loved it!
The staircase in our Hotel