Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer in the City

Last Sunday, a group of us decided to venture into the city since it's the only day during the week that the guys don't have to work. There's a bus that goes just across the bridge to the bronx, and then we just took the subway into downtown. Our first stop was Central Park- quite the happening place on a Sunday afternoon. 
One of our favorites, however, was the roller-salsa. Some of the best entertainment of the day!

On the subway. We found that New York stations are VERY different from any european stations. No tax dollars = no cleaning people. ew. 
After Central Park we made our way down fifth avenue... all the way down to the Empire State Building. I'm not sure how long of a walk it was, but all I know is that my feet were KILLING me- and I was even wearing my running shoes! haha. 

Ryan, Alicia, me, Nick, Spencer and Britt on top of the Empire State Building
Just because we get a picture like this everywhere we go...


Johanna said...

that last picture is so nuts looking! glad you guys had a good time.

modell said...

What a fun little outing! I'm so jealous you are so close to the city! So, that video kills me. I almost thought Aaron was in that video...Nick's laugh sounded like him for a brief moment! Haha, I guess that happens when you are roommates and friends for so long!