Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Puppy, Summer

If you know me or Nick, you know that we absolutely love dogs. We had been dying to get a dog ever since we got married, but with our crazy work and school schedules, along with apartment living, it was never quite the right time to get one. 

When we found out we were moving into a house, we immediately started looking at different breeds that we liked. Because I grew up with golden retrievers and Nick grew up with dachshunds, we could never quite agree on the size or breed of dog that was a good compromise between the two. But after stumbling on a picture of an English cream dachshund on Instagram, I instantly knew we had to have one. It was the perfect mix between a golden and a dachshund. After searching far and wide, we found a breeder in Tucson and put sent in a deposit before the litter was even born. 

The litter was born on July 10th but we waited several weeks to meet them and choose on of the three girls. 

When we went to make our pick from the litter, we instantly knew which one was ours. I mean, how can you resist this face? 

These are the first pictures we took of her at the breeder's house. She was the only girl in the litter that came up to us first thing and started licking our face. Melt my heart! 
We picked her up when she was about 8 weeks old and only 3 pounds. We almost died of cuteness. We already had the name Summer picked out as one that we liked, and it fit her perfectly. 

On the ride back to Mesa. All she wanted to do was sleep on my shoulder. 

Ever since she came home, we've taken far too many pictures and videos of her. Yes, we've turned into those lame dog parents that everyone makes fun of. 

We love this little puppy so much and are so happy she's ours! She has the sweetest demeanor and is so mellow. She's the ultimate cuddle bug, too. It's been so much fun to have her as an addition to our household. 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:


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