Thursday, January 2, 2014

Summer 2013

Summer 2013 was consumed by this:
Back in January when Nick got accepted to A.T. Still for dental school, we started looking at houses in the area since it was still a great time to buy in the Phoenix real estate market. We discovered a fantastic neighborhood close to the school and a cute little house that we know with a little work could be even better. Even though the house is only about 10 years old, everything inside was just very builder grade. 

I had the bright idea that taking on a house remodel could be a "fun" way to spend the summer before Nick started school in July. And thinking back on that mentality, I totally have to laugh at myself now. Little did I know it would turn in to one of the hardest things we've ever done--literally! Even though it's still not totally done, the positives are that we've learned SO MUCH about this entire process and also about working as a team even when we disagree. Once everything is finished up inside I'll do a before and after post. 
Yep. We looked ridiculous. What you can't see is the sweat dripping down my forehead from the 100+ degree heat. 
But Nick felt pretty hardcore with his tool belt. Haha. 
Here's a (very) small preview of what's to come:

And in the middle of all of this, Nick started dental school! Of course in our naivety we thought we could wrap up all of the remodeling projects before mid-July, but that was far from reality. I mean really, it's December and we're still finishing a guest bathroom as we speak ;). 

During his first week of class, he was trying to help us move from Glendale to Mesa and get the remodeled house into a functional state as well. Nick has been amazing through this whole process--especially since it was mostly my idea to begin with. In the midst of tackling his first year of dental school, he still fits in countless "projects" around the house without complaining. 
We got to attend his white coat ceremony during his first week of class. And admittedly, I got a little teary eyed during the whole thing. The road to dental school definitely hasn't been an easy--or short--one for Nick. But despite all the road blocks and frustration at times, he always stayed so dedicated in what he wanted to do with his career, and it was so great to see him so happy in starting to do what he really loves. 

We were so lucky to have Nick's mom there for the ceremony, too. She was an absolute lifesaver during that week and practically packed up our entire apartment for us. We are so grateful for her! 
I love this future dentist of mine. So excited for what the next four years will bring!