Monday, October 6, 2008

Buonconvento and Monte Olivieto

Last Friday we got to take a "fieldtrip" out to the Tuscan country side to see Buonconvento,an old city from the middle ages, as well as a Monte Olivieto, a monastery out in the Italian forest. We took a tour of the monastery and then all got to eat lunch together at the restaurant there. On the bus ride, we got to take the scenic way home, so we had amazing views of the tuscan countryside.

Street in Buonconvento

Yay for Italian jeans- we all got the same pair

Monte Olivieto Monastary

My favorite part of lunch... fizzy water! One of the things I'll probably miss most about Europe!

View from the bus on the way home


modell said...

I am just dying to take pictures over there! That first picture is really pretty. Cute jeans!

Johanna said...

yeah, you should crop that one picture... you know which one i'm talking about :)

Jo said...

Don't worry girl... they have fizzy water in America it's Keith's Favorite! i love you xoxo

ScubaD said...

Your mom showed me your Blog. Incredible. Thanks for sharing Italy and your amazing experiences. Can't wait for your mom to arrive and share all things Italian.

ScubaD said...

from Sarah Trop