Monday, October 27, 2008

More Chestnuts!

Remember how I said that Italians really like chestnuts? Well, Emily and I found out yesterday that Italians have chesnut FESTIVALS! Who knew, right? But of course, before we went to the actual festival, we got to hunt for more chestnuts. We found a mother load!

Emily and I are really lucky to have a host family that takes us lots of places around Tuscany. It's great to see so many places that I probably wouldn't get to see otherwise. We drove about an hour up to a small medieval mountain village called Santa Fiora. The festival was right in the in the center square- there lots of local crafts, wine, olive oil, and of course, chestnuts!
There was an entire venue set up for food... mostly including chestnuts. Emily and I both tried chestnut-filled ravioli with a mushroom sauce. Probably one of the best pasta dishes I've had yet! Also on the menu: chestnut bread and ricotta and chestnut marmalade for dessert. I think I might just have to plant my own chestnut tree when I get back to the states.

After lunch we walked around town for a while. As always, there were some amazing view of Tuscany.

By the end of the day, we were pretty tuckered out.
These are our we're-tired-we-want-to-leave-faces.


modell said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like you guys are getting some chilly weather as well. Sorry I missed you on skype this morning! I was signed in onto my account, not Dans, sorry. Hopefully I can catch you again soon! Have a great week!