Monday, October 20, 2008

Chestnut Hunting

I had no idea that finding chestnuts in the forest was such a past time for Italians.
But apparently, it is.
Our host family took us into the "bosco" yesterday to look for chestnuts. They usually collect loads of them in the fall, freeze them, and eat them for the rest of the year.

So Emily and I tried our hand at this chestnut hunting and came out with pretty good results... except for the fact the my cuticles were KILLING me because of the chestnut spikes.

We also found some wildberries...

a 1,000 year old church...

And a wild boar with piglets. I think we ate its sibling for dinner last week.


Lisa said...

Hi Erika,
Thanks for the different view and photos of Italy. I love your blog and keeping up to date on what you girls are doing.
Lisa aka Emily's mom

modell said...

I love that you get to experience the non-touristy side of Italy! Sounds like fun. What kind of dishes do they use with chestnuts? Are wild boars mean? Remember that scary boar head in our cottage in France? I was so scared of that thing!