Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooking x 2

This week they doubled us up with cooking classes... and even though it left me with limited time for homework, I didn't mind it at all.
Monday night was "seafood" night and I had my first experience with anchovies.. and whole fish. yikes! I'm not a fan of cooking fish when it's staring at you. Kind of freaks me out.
As far as the anchovies go... I highly doubt I'll be eating them with my salad ever again. ha!

Parsely pasta with zucchini, leeks and clams. I'll take this over anchovies any day.

Orata (a Mediterranean fish) with tomatoes and herbs

Don't know what to call this one... pretty much eggs, sugar and creme layered with biscuits.

Wednesday night included a lot of "firsts" for me. We first made pasta with chestnut flour and mixed it with a porcini mushroom sauce. Like I said, chestnuts are pretty popular around here.

Then we cooked lamb, which was also another first. Also, the best peas I've ever had.
And then, my favorite dish... chestnut marmalade with whipped creme and biscuits. Then with a persimmon and chocolate sauce with currants. Too bad they don't have chestnut marmalade in the states- it's to die for!


Anonymous said...

oh delish! excited to taste test some of these in less than a month! woot!