Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lake Powell

Out of all of the places I've been in the world, Lake Powell definitely tops the list. Even after being there for a week, I still can't get over how beautiful it is! Our friend Linda Perkes and her family invited us to stay on their houseboat with the Gregorys, another family from their ward. There were ALOT of teenagers on board. Between the boat and the two jet skis, there was always something fun to do. The weather was perfect the entire time were there, and of course, the water temperature was AMAZING! My brother and I slept in the boat every night and it was so fun to just gaze at the stars for hours. I'm not quite sure if I'm a fan of bats though. Anyway, my family woke up every morning at dawn to get the "glass" before all of the other boats came out on the water. I think mornings at lake powell are some of the most amazing. Pictures don't do them justice!
Perfect wakeboarding water. Waking up early is definitely worth it.

Our house boat was parked at the very end of Moke Canyon- here's a few pictures of what we saw every day..
One of the mornings that took my breath away. Just as the sun was coming up, there was a full rainbow on the other side of the sky. I wish I could have had a panoramic camera!

Scotty is starting to become quite the little boating expert. He probably drove the boat half the time we were there. We're pretty sure he's about ready to pull a back flip on the wakeboard... probably even the air chair too.

My parents are champs. My dad's still wakeboarding, but is really starting to love his airchair. He can go for miles on that thing! And then, my mom finally got up on the wakeboard- we were all pretty excited for her.

And then there's me.... even though I don't quite have the guts like my little brother, I still enjoy my time on the wakeboard.. and the airchair.

Our last night there we took a group trip up to Forgotten Canyon to see the indian ruins.
On the way back there was an amazing view of an almost-full moon next to the red cliffs. So pretty!


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Erika!! Looks like you had so much fun... i haven't gotten to hear all about it yet. But as soon as you get back from Paris and KC we must chat! Be safe you little travel bug.