Saturday, September 6, 2008


We had the whole day on Friday to basically do whatever we wanted. Most of the girls in our group took a boat to Amalfi, a small town a few miles up the coast. But three other girls and I decided it would be fun to do a day trip to Capri. It was about and 90 minute boat ride for 30 euro. It was great because we got to see all of the other small coastal towns on the way there. We had amazing views the entire way! Once we got there, it was another 11 euro to get on another boat to tour the island. Totally worth the money though!
Our second tour boat took us to the “blue grotto”- probably one of the coolest things we did that day! The only way into the cave is through a SMALL opening on canoes that fit four people- and you literally have to lay down in the boat so you don’t hit your head. Once you get inside the cave though, the water is the most amazing color of electric blue because of the way the light refracts. Pictures can’t really capture it, but it was AWESOME!
In the boat.. just before we went into the grotto
Inside the blue grottto
After the grotto, we finished our tour around the rest of the island. We saw a lot of cliffs… a lot of huge villas… and a lot of yachts. Loved it. After that we spent some time on the beach, sketched a little bit, and then got on the ferry to Minori. Probably one of the best weekend trips ever.
The famous rock off the coast of Capri

View of Capri from the boat

Positano... one of our stops on the way to Capri

Town of Amalfi


modell said...

Oh my! I can't believe you got to go to Capri! I remember that being a major highlight of my Italy trip, it is so gorgeous. I'm way sad we didn't get to see the blue grotto...I think it was closed or something random. Sounds like it was worth it to break away from the group for a while. That coast line is amazing, your pictures are making me so homesick for a beach! Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow (hopefully!).