Monday, September 29, 2008

Florence round 2

Once again, I find myself in Florence.
Don't worry, I'm going again this Thursday- so more pictures to come.
We didn't really have plans for last Saturday so Emily, Jo and I decided to take a quick shopping trip to Florence. We spent lots of time at the market finding loads of leather souvenirs for their families. But I can officially say that I didn't buy anything... except for lunch and my bus ticket. Having to fit all of my belongings into two suitcases really makes me limit my shopping potential.

But really, if any of you have any "leather requests," let me know.
I'm sure I can arrange something:)

One of the many jewelry shops on Ponte Vechhio

Putting my lucky penny in the hog's mouth

This picture is for Mom and Dad- it's the same view of the painting in our living room.
We had some extra time in the afternoon, so we trekked up to the Piazza Michelangelo, which has a fantastic view of the entire city.


modell said...

I'm sure that mom and dad would be more than willing to bring extra suitcases for you to load up your goods. I love your shoes by the way. Did you get those in Italy or are they one of your friends? I love the skyline of Florence, one of my favorite cities!