Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pigeons and People Watching

I've never really been a fan of pigeons. In fact, living in Siena has reassured my dislike of these “rats of the sky.” Not only are their feathers and poop everywhere, but I’ve been nearly dive-bombed at least a dozen times.

So today for lunch, I was sitting on the steps of a small church near the school enjoying my peach and favorite slice of zucchini pizza. My attention turned to a pigeon next to me who was coming way too comfort, which made me start paying attention to all of the scavenging pigeons in front of me. Ironically, at the very moment that I was thinking about how much I dislike these birds; I saw a car pass about 30 ft. in front of me, followed by a loud crunch and the flutter of wings.


Okay, so I knew pigeons were stupid, but not that stupid. The car wasn’t even going that fast! Before today, I didn’t know road kill existed in cities. But I guess I do now.

Lucky for me, I was far enough away from the dead bird to still be able to enjoy my lunch. I just got to laugh at all the tourist’s faces when the walked past. Of all times to not have my camera with me! And the best part- about 10 minutes after the incident, and old man walked past, picked up the pigeon by the wing and moved it to the side of the road! Is that sanitary??

Not only did the poor dead pigeon provide me with a very blog-worthy story… but also with great lunchtime entertainment! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.


modell said...

Nast, Nast and Nast! I would've ralphed for sure. Birds gross me out more than anything, but DEAD birds are more than I can handle. I think Bandit scarred me for life.

Lindsey said...

haha remember that one time our friends... hit a bird on the way home from swimming with the MC boys. classic. I can just see you sitting on the steps laughing! haha i miss you

Jo said...

I just laughed for like five minutes straight! .... oh my word that was so funny and everyone in my class is looking at me weird! You know I would've been right there laughing my brains out with you! I love this story! xoxox Jo